Ever wish you had an easy straight edge...

Contractor with circular sawNo C-clampingContractor with router

Instead of C-clamping a "straight" piece of stock or manhandling a heavy sheet of plywood to provide an edge to guide your power tool, reach for your All-In-One. It is a light and quick-to-set-up alternative. The clamps are built into the straight edge and nothing obstructs your power tool as you cut. The new Contractor model can even be used to make joiner operations on your table saw.  Add an All-In-One Saw Plate or Router Plate and even an inexpensive power tool will make exceptionly straight, smooth, controlled cuts.

And guiding your power tool is just the first of the many uses you'll find for this handy tool. Your clamp doubles as a fence for your drill press and band saw. The All-In-One can also exert over 600 psi of clamping force for glue ups. Your E. Emerson Tool Co. All-In-One Straight Edge Clamping Tool Guide will quickly become an indispensable tool in your work shop.

99“ clampDrill Press with Stop BlockSecond pair of hands

E. Emerson Tool Co. also offers two versions of the double sided twin or bench clamp. Best when used in pairs, the twins are invaluable for holding work pieces for glue ups or even simple sanding and planing operations. When a standard straight edge clamp is added to the work piece being held securely by a pair of twin clamps, you have an extra set of hands holding the work piece while you concentrate on your cut.

The E. Emerson Tool Co. All-In-One Straight Edge Clamping Tool Guides are the perfect tools for everyone from experienced woodworkers and contractors to the weekend wanta be. The clamp's exceptional quality satisfies the professional but the price is within reach of the do-it-yourselfer.

Use the hole in the lever to hang your All-In-One in a convenient place in your shop or garage. You'll be reaching for it constantly. Or, maybe you better hide your All-In-One before your spouse and kids and neighbors find their own uses for your treasured clamp. Nothing is worse than having to stop in the middle of a project to figure out who borrowed your favorite tool.

Keys to the All-In-One’s success

• Extruded Aluminum Rail

The patented, tubed aluminum rail is remarkably rigid yet still light enough to make positioning and maneuvering even the longer clamps a breeze.

• Nylon clamping components

The durable Nylon clamping components are impervious to aromatic solvents and warrented for life.

• No Side Shift

The unique design of the sliding jaw assembly eliminates any side shift of the clamp after the clamp is locked.

• Quick and East Set up

  1. Just lift the lever up to its open position and place the clamp's fixed jaw against one edge of the work piece.
  2. Slide the finger grips toward the opposite edge of the work piece until you hear a “CLICK”.
  3. Lower the lever to the first or, if necessary, second or third position.

Check for square and you're ready to cut.

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

• Convenient Sizes

• Straight Forward Accessories

You don’t need dozens of attachments. Use your All-In-One right out of the box or make an easy project even easier with one or more basic accessories.

Saw Plates and Router Plates
The Saw Plate and Router Plates track along the All-In-One Straight Edge Clamping Tool Guide for smooth, controlled cuts with your power tools.
Stop Block
Use the stop block to terminate cuts or as a positioning stop when using your clamp as a fence for your drill press.
Wide Jaws and Tall Jaws
Wide Jaws and Tall Jaws increase the clamping surface and can hold "story sticks" to make positioning your clamp at your saw's offset easy.